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SERIES The Seto Library. Seto Kirävara
Seto Instituut

Design: Agnes Ratas
Print: Greif
ISBN: verschiedene

This book series is published by the Seto Institute, which is dedicated to the cultivation and documentation of a language in the south east of Estonia: Seto. These days it is only spoken by a few thousand people. This publishing commitment considers a full library of Seto books. Poetry, songs, biographies, the gospels, folklore are preserved in printed form. Depending on the text type, two formats are available. The design of this book series does not refer so much on textual contents but rather on the cultural similarities of this small linguistic group. The humble paperbacks hint at the characteristics of national costumes. White linen here, fragmented paper white there – embroidery and borders here – or geometric textile ornaments on the spines.

The cover is printed in a single colour, from volume to volume in changing red hues; headband and bookmark are chosen in matching colours. The robust style of the edges, which slightly protrude over the book block, embraces the rustic traditions of the Setukese people.

This series clearly shows once again that, as hardly any other tool, the book as a medium serves the identity formation of a society and the preservation of immaterial heritage.


Diplomiga auhinnatud raamatute kohta saab lugeda siit:  http://www.stiftung-buchkunst.de/en/best-book-design-from-all-over-the-world/2015/honorary-appreciations.html